NHS service standard

This NHS companion to the GOV.UK service standard will help you check that you're working to best practice from the start.

The NHS service standard is designed to help teams:

  • meet the GOV.UK service standard
  • address the different needs of health service users
  • navigate the complexities of delivering digital services in health and care

It contains the 14 points of the GOV.UK service standard, with guidance to help teams meet them in a health context, and 3 extra points specific to health and social care.

If your service is being assessed by the Government Digital Service, you must meet the first 14 points. If you work in health, we recommend trying to meet all 17 points.

Read more about the NHS service standard.

The GOV.UK service standard in the context of health

3 extra points for health and social care

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Updated: December 2019