Content guide - British Sign Language (BSL) quality assurance standard

This standard outlines the clinical assurance process for creating BSL translations of pre-recorded videos for the NHS. It also includes guidance on video production.

BSL and accessibility

Providing BSL translations of pre-recorded audio and video content is a WCAG 2.2 AAA criterion. The NHS is legally required to meet, at a minimum, Level AA. AAA is best practice.

Make sure your original video is high quality health content

Before you create a BSL translation, your original video must meet the requirements in the Standard for creating health content. This includes, for example:

  • getting clinicians or other subject matter experts to review your content
  • meeting relevant laws, such as data protection regulations
  • focusing on user needs and, where possible, testing your content

Quality assuring the BSL translation

You must get BSL videos independently assured by a Deaf-led BSL supplier.