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January 2024

Updates to the service manual in January 2024
Section Update
Accessibility guidance

Introduced WCAG 2.2 requirement in Accessibility guidance

Updated NHS accessibility checklist to reflect WCAG 2.2

Content guide

Renamed "Content style guide" "Content guide"

Added new British Sign Language (BSL) quality assurance standard

Added mention of "convulsions" to entry on "seizure or fit" in the A to Z of NHS health writing

Amended entry for "NHS 111 online" in the A to Z of NHS health writing

Updated the standard for creating health content to refer to WCAG 2.2

Design system

Clarified content about font on typography page

Added section on copyright to the footer component and updated examples

Explained about headings below Do and Don't list and warning callout components

Changed example of radio items with hints

Reworded care card component

Introduced WCAG 2.2 requirement on the design system home page

NHS service standard

Added section on AI and digital healthcare technologies to standard 8 in the NHS service standard

Added section about the AI and Digital Regulations Service to section 16 of the NHS service standard

Added link to the AI and Digital Regulations Service for health and social care from section 11 of the NHS service standard

Updated service standard 5 to refer to WCAG 2.2


Updated site map

Updated service manual footer to say (c) NHS England

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Latest blog posts

Posts by the service manual team and community.

Screenshot of content page template from the NHS design system. It includes navigation and search in the header and a breadcrumbs component.

Why should we build services using a design system?

Conor Rohan, Assurance Lead, Department of Health and Social Care, explains why we use the NHS.UK and GOV.UK design systems and which one to use.

Close-up of thumb and forefinger of someone viewing an NHS page on mobile. In shades of dark blue and black.

A short(ish) history of the NHS design system, Part 1: 2016 – a website, a brand, and a handful of services

Dean Vipond, previously Lead Designer at NHS Digital, tells the history of the NHS digital design system, in 6 parts.

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Latest show and tell

NHS digital service manual show and tell

We live-streamed the show and tell but the original video quality was not very good. This video has the presentation slides with the live audio.

The team talks about the redesign of the service manual, how to write good questions for forms, inclusive language, the beta service standard for health and the NHS Digital accessibility lab in Leeds. The NHS Leadership Academy also share a Wordpress theme based on the NHS.UK frontend library.

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