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March 2020

Updates to the service manual in March 2020
Section Update
Content style guide

Added new entries for calories, Deaf people, hearing loss, death, and trimesters to A to Z of NHS health writing

Added a reference from disease to "condition" in the A to Z of NHS health writing

Added a new section on calories to the Numbers, measurements, dates and time page

Mentioned the social model of disability in the section on disabilities and conditions on the Inclusive language page

Changed the memorable number example under telephone numbers in the A to Z of NHS writing and explained that we use "call" or "phone"

Removed "straight away" from our guidance on hyphens

Standardised links in the A to Z of NHS health writing

Added new entry for coronavirus (COVID-19) to A to Z of NHS health writing

Design system

Updated Patterns index page with new wording after testing

Service manual policies

Updated cookie policy with information about other organisations' cookies

Updated Your privacy page with information about other organisations' cookies and with a section on social media

What's new

We published a new video of our public show and tell on YouTube.

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Latest blog posts

Posts by the service manual team and community.

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Latest show and tell

NHS digital service manual show and tell

We live-streamed the show and tell but the original video quality was not very good. This video has the presentation slides with the live audio.

The team talks about the redesign of the service manual, how to write good questions for forms, inclusive language, the beta service standard for health and the NHS Digital accessibility lab in Leeds. The NHS Leadership Academy also share a Wordpress theme based on the NHS.UK frontend library.

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