Everyone needs to know - Download accessibility posters

Here are 6 accessibility posters for you to download and print out for different professions in a user-centred, multi-disciplinary team.

Download all 6 accessibility posters (PDF, 88KB)

These posters contain some basic principles of accessibility on a coloured background. Display them in your workplace to encourage your team to think about accessibility and to find out more.

3x2 grid view of all 6 accessibility posters
Preview of all 6 accessibility posters

What the posters say

Product and delivery

Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities.

If a team member does not have a basic understanding already, help them get started with accessibility.

(On a blue background, with an icon showing 2 hands holding a phone.)

Download poster for product and delivery (PDF, 44KB)

User research

Involve people with access needs at every stage.

Understand participants' needs beforehand and make your sessions accessible on the day.

(On a yellow background, with an icon showing research notes.)

Download poster for user research (PDF, 44KB)


Write content that's inclusive and easy to understand.

Use alternative text for images in content – and use captions to complement alt-text.

(On a pink background, with an icon showing a phone with text and a video on it.)

Download poster for content (PDF, 44KB)


Check keyboard accessibility – start with the correct HTML for links, buttons and form controls.

Use ARIA patterns to let people who use assistive tech know what's going on.

(On a purple background, with an icon showing an HTML tag.)

Download poster for development (PDF, 44KB)


Use headings correctly, define focus styles, and build with tested, accessible components.

Check colour contrast meets at least level AA and aim for AAA where possible.

(On an orange background, with an icon showing 2 hands framing a square.)

Download poster for design (PDF, 44KB)


Learn about accessibility before you start.

Do 3 kinds of tests: test with people with access needs, do automated tests, and manual testing with guidelines.

(On a green background, with an icon showing a clipboard with a tick on it.)

Download poster for testing (PDF, 44KB)

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Updated: December 2021