Community and contribution - Backlog of components and patterns

The service manual is built on the research and experience of many digital teams in the NHS. We have a shared backlog and encourage people to contribute.

Anyone can propose, develop or contribute to new components or patterns, or suggest improvements to ones that already exist.

Here is a list of the components, patterns and updates currently on the service manual community backlog. They can be:

  • proposed - someone has suggested a new component or pattern
  • to do - the proposed component or pattern has been agreed and is ready to work on
  • in progress - someone is actively working on the component or pattern

You can see the full backlog in GitHub. You’ll need a GitHub account to view the backlog or any of the entries on this page.

Service manual community backlog
Name Status
Alert panel Proposed
Accessible autocomplete Proposed
Ask users for ethnic groups Proposed
Ask users for gender or sex Proposed
Ask users for their address pattern Proposed
Confirmation page To do
Cookie banner In progress
External links Proposed
File upload Proposed
Filter a list Proposed
Find a service - Search Proposed
"Graphic image" component Proposed
Header for 'logged in' users Proposed
Headings with captions To do
Hero banner To do
HTML email Proposed
Layout - main wrapper custom spacing Proposed
Lede text Proposed
List panel To do
Nav A-Z To do
Page not found (404) and Service unavailable (5xx) pages Proposed
Page template Proposed
Panel (card) In progress
Patient details header Proposed
Phase banner Proposed
Print this page Proposed
Promo In progress
Related links Proposed
Smaller buttons Proposed
Smaller checkboxes and radio buttons In progress
Social platform share links Proposed
Start page To do
Tag In progress
User feedback - satisfaction survey To do
Utility classes Proposed

Updated: April 2020