Content presentation - Review date

Use review dates to reassure users that our information is up-to-date.

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<div class="nhsuk-review-date">
  <p class="nhsuk-body-s">
    Page last reviewed: 12 February 2017<br>
    Next review due: 1 February 2020
{% from 'review-date/macro.njk' import reviewDate %}

{{ reviewDate({
  "lastReview": "12 February 2017",
  "nextReview": "1 February 2020"
}) }}

When to use review dates

We use 2 dates - last reviewed date and next review date - on every page of health content on the NHS website ( We do this as part of our work to meet NHS England's Information Standard.

When not to use review dates

We do not use review dates on our news content (Behind the Headlines), our campaign content or in the service manual.

How to use review dates

The dates should show when we last reviewed the page and when we will review it again.

Review dates should sit close to the content they relate to. If the page includes embedded content such as a video, then the last reviewed date (usually the production date) and next review date should be included in the component that holds the content.

Generally we put review dates at the bottom of the page in smaller type. They are not a high priority for users looking for information.


The text currently meets AA accessibility standards with a contrast ratio of 6.99:1.


We tested review dates on a health information page in 3 labs in summer 2018.

At first we tested them away from the main content, closer to the footer of the page, separated by a rule, but users didn't notice them there. So we removed the rule and brought the dates closer to the content. Users then read them and said that they were helpful.

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Updated: February 2019